Welcome to Oak Bay Campgound


Established back in 1955 the Oak Bay Park has been an intrigal part of our society for some time. We have all grown up using the beach or just camping in the park. It is nestled around the Bay Of Fundy where the tides come and go twice a day. If you like the smell of salt water or just like to walk on the ocean floor then we have the spot for you. Our sun sets are second to none and they can be seen from most of the park area. We have 33.5 acres of beautifull property with great walking, lovely trees and the most pleasant scenery you will ever see today, including our Pine tree that is over 500 years old. If only these wood's could talk.


Kathy and Joe have some magnificant weekend plans created for the entire summer months. Special weekend activities can be arranged if your party would like or just enjoy our events. Events such as themed weekends, bingo, beach parties,



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